Why Effective Decision Making Is the Sign of a Good Leader


Effective Decision Making
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Effective Decision Making


Anyone in a crowd can make a decision, even if that decision is to run. But what separates Good Leaders from the crowd is the ability to make good decisions. Some leaders naturally make these good decisions, but others have to develop the skills of making good effective decisions.

First Steps in Making an Effective Decision
One of the first steps in making an effective decision is deciding what is the outcome you want. It can be either dealing with a problem or taking advantage of a situation or opportunity. A good leader will know how to either confront something head on or move around and flow with the decision being made.

What A Good Leader Knows

As any good leader knows, the timing of an effective decision is one of the most important factors in the process, timing is of the essence. An opportunity often disappears if a decision is delayed. In the same way a problem nearly always gets worse by delaying the decision making process. Some people postpone the process because it also puts a responsibility on the person or leader trying to make an effective decision. If a person is emotionally involved in the outcome, either good or bad, they will eventually make a wrong ineffective decision. In this case it is usually better to have an independent and unbiased 3rd party make the decision.

Committees Don’t Make Good Decisions

Generally committees don’t make good decisions. They have agreements or a consensus of the committee decisions.This leads to a “mediocre” decisions compared to a good effective decision that can be made by an individual Leader.

An informed leader that takes a short time to familiarize themselves with the situation and discuss the different aspects of the process with all the people involved. Which usually means becoming acquainted with all sides of an opportunity or problem. This can include, but not limited too, customers, investors, vendors, employees, and associates. The best effective decisions are made with a combination of relevant facts and informed intuition. Your inner voice can be very good input in the decision making process.

A Good Leader will to keep a good relationship with their team, group or colleagues, but at the same time maintain a slight distance in order to a good but difficult decision that will affect other people. By keeping a distance you remove yourself from a lack of flexibility and being forced into a difficult situation that is often encountered in a face to face meeting. Being a good leader can often mean being in a lonely position at the top, because not everyone will have the same opinion or view point that you as a leader has when making a difficult or unpopular decision. A truly effective leader will try to make the best decision even if it isn’t a popular one.

No One Is Perfect

Another important characteristic of a good decision making leader is remembering and understanding that no one is perfect, even themselves. This leads to the concept that a good effective decision may not be a perfect decision.But it is best to make an informed good decision and follow through with vigorous action than waiting to try and and make that perfect one.

Use the facts available at the time and an informed intuition to complete the process and then stay flexible as more information is obtained and developed into the decision making process.Almost always a good plan or decision with sustained action is better than a perfect plan with little or no action!

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Effective Decision Making

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Why Effective Decision Making Is the Sign of a Good Leader

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